Dry Type Transformer

Features of Products
• Safe, fire self-extinguishing, fireproof, low noise level, pollution-free; available at load
• Made up of all-copper foil, the H&L voltage windings have high short circuit withstand
capabilities, high lightning impulse withstand capability and high reliability.
• The H&L voltage windings are molded with epoxy resin on high vacuum. The partial
discharge is lower. Air channels can be installed. Humid-resistant and high heat dissipating
ability. It is able to run normally under the relative humidity of 100%. Rated capacity can
increase 40% as air-cooling.
• Convenient installation; easy maintenance; low losses and general operation cost.
• Temperature display and controlling system, which resists the interference from electric
and magnetic field, is installed on windings to ensure safe operation of transformer.
Computer interface can be fixed so that it can be controlled and monitored remotely.
• It can be equipped with protection enclosure and connection busbar, which enables it to
be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor built-up structures may be immune to the
limitation of the doorframes in the installation location. Connection busbar can be directly
connected to the busbar of switchgear, which is really convenient.