Solar Energy System

We are offering a complete system Hybrid Solution to Oil and Gas and Industrial market.
What is a Hybrid System?

Hybrid is the coming together of two different things. In terms of a wind and solar hybrid system this would mean the combination of the two different sources, wind and solar, being developed and used together creates a source of energy that has advantages. The same applies to cars that run on both petrol and electric; this would be named as hybrid. In a wind and solar system, the sun’s rays are used to collect solar energy and the movement wind produces collect’s the wind’s energy. The advantage of a wind and solar system is that the on less sunny days and a darker time of the year the wind aspect takes over where the sun can no longer produce.
How does it work?
The wind is free, and the movement of the wind turning the turbine’s blades will produce rotational energy. The sun is free, and the ray’s from the sun shining on solar panels gets converted into energy. Solar panels have no moving parts, therefore, once installed they are quiet and efficient on bright days. The days do not have to be sunny, just daylight is ample. The turbines by their very nature have to have moving parts; it’s this movement that creates their power. Hybrid systems draw on the both types of generation of energy to produce a system that can work all year round and not be limited to just windy days or sunny days.