Small/Kiosk Substation


We offer Schneider small compact substation, used in rural and semi-urban areas to protect undergrounded networks, the standard configuration of the PRESTO switching Unit integrates 3 functions GIS RMU operated from outside. PRESTO is also a safety and cost- effective alternative for Outdoor RMU providing  high level of security for the operators and public ( IEC tested , internal Arc tested)


  • IEC 62271-202 standards
  • EDF HN S 49


  • 2 types of enclosure:With or without integrated plinth
    • Light concrete, GRC ( Glass fibre Reinforced Cement)
    • Metallic
  • Front-door access.

Electrical capability

  • RMU up to 5 functions , 36 kV
  • Remote control ( RCX-ITI ) or fault indicator ( DAX / DAX-I) facilities.