MV Switchgear Flameproof – Baldwin & Francis ltd


B&F’s Univac-FP (Flameproof) range includes several units that can be banked together to provide a complete solution for Group II switchgear applications.  These include: Incoming units, Bus-Section units, Fused Contactor Feeder units, with optional Earth Switch / Earthing Trucks.  Applications include motor starters, transformers, feeders and general power feeders.

Univac-FP incorporates an innovative method of circuit isolaton by providing an externally withdrawable truck mechanism which disengages to isolate incoming and outgoing supplies.

Diagnostic displays are provided, together with external setting of control & protection parameters.
Ex d for use in Zones 1 & 2,
Gas Groups IIA & IIB,
Group II Temperature Classes T3 to T6