Drive’s / VSD

We offer a wide range of drives, inverters and converters that efficiently improve the way our customers use and produce energy. Our cooperation with well known Drives manufacturer such as Schneider, ABB giving a freedom choice to suit your application.
Our offering includes low voltage AC and DC drives and medium voltage AC drives. They are used across all industries and applications. Drives offer application specific functionality, control for different types of motors as well as flexible connectivity to automation networks.

The experience and expertise we gained with our propose drives led to the development of our products for solar and wind power. For photovoltaic power generation, our solar inverters offer flexible solutions, from string inverters, to larger central inverters and even complete megawatt stations. For utility scale wind turbines, our wind turbine converters are designed for all of today’s electrical drivetrain concepts.

Our drives offer, inverters and converters are proven and reliable solutions backed by global production and life cycle services.