Distribution Board

We offer Eaton’s Distribution Panelboards.
Eaton’s Pow-R-Line Distribution Panelboards provide the capability to house more breakers in less space than others in the industry, up to practical physical limitations such as standard box heights and widths. They offer a standardized, cost-effective design that is easy to specify and install.

Drawout MCCB Panelboard
Eaton’s drawout molded-case Pow-R-Line 4D (PRL4D) panelboard is the industry’s first solution that offers an innovative draw-out mechanism. A wall-mounted panelboard with front accessibility and front-connected equipment, it is an ideal solution anywhere that molded case circuit breakers need to be updated, replaced or changed, especially those in a data center, industrial process control, institutional and laboratory facilities, and anywhere critical loads are found.

Pow-R-Line 3a
Eaton’s Pow-R-Line 3a (PRL3a) panelboard can serve as a lighting and appliance branch panelboard or as a small power distribution panelboard. It saves space due to its ability to house more breakers in less space and features the EZ box and EZ trim system for faster, more secure, and safer installations. Up to 600A, the enclosures are just 20” wide and 5-3/4” deep.

Pow-R-Line 4
Eaton’s Pow-R-Line 4 panelboards accommodate both circuit breakers and fusible switches on a single, bolt-on chassis design. PRL4B utilizes circuit breakers while PRL4F utilizes fusible switches. A single chassis can accommodate both circuit breakers and fusible switches. They offer broad system application capability for service entrance requirements or general power circuit distribution.

Pow-R-Line 5P
Pow-R-Line 5P is the most flexible plug-on power panelboard in the industry, designed specifically for applications where changes and additions must be fast, convenient, and easy. Circuit breakers are mounted to an adapter which includes the bus connection hardware. The breaker to bus bar connection is positive and secure. Circuit breakers available from 15-1200A at 600 VAC maximum. Select 30” wide, the narrowest enclosure in the industry, or 48” wide.

Pow-R-Line 3E
Eaton’s PRL3E panelboard offers superior performance for selective coordination as well as high fault current applications. The PRL3E utilizes Eaton’s Series G EG-frame breakers. The Series G EG-frame breakers offer advantages of physically larger breakers at 480Vac in a compact 1” per pole package. The custom designed neutral terminal offers up to a 3/0 conductors as standard, allowing oversized neutral conductors from branch circuits.