Low Voltage Contactor :

Contactors and Overload Relays are suitable for a large variety of applications
in building and in industry such as motor control, heating and ventilating, air
conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process power factor
correction, etc, …

The range comprises 4 and 5.5 kW mini-contactors,
block contactors up to 560 kW (AC3), installation contactors for domestics and
industrial use, bar-mounted contactors, thermal and electronics overload relays,
and a wide range of add-on accessories ensuring flexibility and adaptability to
customer specifications.

Medium Voltage Contactor :

The medium voltage VSC contactors are apparatus suitable for operating in AC and are normally used to control users requiring a high number of hourly operations. The VSC introduces the drive with permanent magnets, already widely used and appreciated in medium voltage circuit-breakers, into the worldwide panorama of medium voltage contactors.

They are available in the fixed version with the following functions: Single Command Operated, electrical latching behaviour and Double Command Operated, mechanical latching behaviour. The VSC contactors are used for controlling electrical apparatus in industry, in the service sector, etc. Thanks to the vacuum interrupter breaking technique, the contactors can operate in particularly difficult environments. They are suitable for control and protection of motors, transformers, power factor correction banks, switching systems, etc. Fitted with suitable fuses, they can be used in circuits with fault levels up to 1000 MVA.


Rated voltage (kV) 7,2 12
Rated service current (A) 400 400
Breaking capacity (AC4) (A) 4000-6400 4000
Short time withst. current 1s (A) 6000 6000