Automatic Transfer Breaker (ATB)

ATB has been developed product with mechanical and electrical interlock applied to users such as hostpital, communication center, computer room, main facilities and etc that electric power should be supplied stanby.

Problem of existing ATS have been solved and our product is compact-type ATB with switching in high speed and grounding current can be detected and electric power system can be protected when fault current is occured.

Futures :

  • Design according to international code CB by IEC 60947-6-1 for type ATS (it is composed of PC type only in Korea)
  • Applying an electric current with maximum-capacity high contact point as for operation current by motor type performance
  • Neutral gype position that both sources of electricity can be OFF
  • Added by-pass function by drawable type and many-sided selections of economical fixed-type
  • Possible to use both sources of electricity ad combined circuit breaker (By-pass without power failure is posible)
  • Installation space of distributing board is minimiced by arc extinguishing ability development of circuit breaker
  • Displayed used current by digital type OCR function and easy to detect over current and grounting current
  • 1. Easy to confirm the current at used load of LCD
    2. The value of fult current (Maximum )
    3. Pre-Alarm function.

  • AC/DC Dombined use of operating Power
  • Setting automating auto-swith time is possible (in case that controller is used)
  • With a compact design that is the combination of 2 Function Air Circuit Breaker Become 1Module
  • Can be used as a Change over Breaker and also functions Parallel in both Source (2 generators)
  • Have a Trip function like Breaker in general
  • With a small Module (with a width of up to 910mm in the capacity of 6000A) so that the placement of the panel only 1 cubical Just so that the use of bus bar is a little more and time into a panel assembly Quick
  • Save space when installation in Panel room