Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ – GGA Project.

With our design and engineering capability and fully support from our principal of Tss4U-Holland, we successfuly commisioning and energize of Solar Energy System of GGA unmanned Platform project of Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ. The offgrid Solar Energy System was selected as a main source due to the reliability, less maintenance, green and renewable energy ever. PT Adidaya Abadi Sentosa is specialize partner for Offgrid Solar Energy system for Oil&Gas Market and others remote area application. We provide fully engineering support for these application. For more information please call us.


Pertamina Hulu Energy WMO – PHE38B, 39, 54 Project.

We have been deliver and successfully commissioning of Automatic Power Pharos Marine Inc. Navigation Aids package and System to 3 nos Well Head Platform (WHP) in the area of PHE West Madura Offshore. The package together with the Solar Energy System as a requirement for the Unmanned platform. This inline with our specialize in the Offgrid specific area application. For more information please call us.


Premier Oil Inc. – NAGA PELIKAN Project.

PT Adidaya Abadi Sentosa, has taken part of the successfully deliver first Gas of Pelikan-Naga field of Premier Oil Inc.

We deliver and commissioning of Main MV Switchgear in the Naga-Pelikan WHP. The design of the MV Switchgear based on Baldwin and Francis UK , Eex’d type UNIFAC-FP. This is the first installation of these special switchgear in Indonesia and design to adapt the specific requirement of the installation. The design required compliance to the hazardous area classification, less space, high reliability, less maintenance and operation following to the project requirement. For more information please call us.