Bizznet Technovillage DATA Center Project
PT Adidaya Abadi Sentosa, selected and awarded by Giant HITACHI-Japan as sub-contractor for Busduct for their DATA CENTER Project named Bizznet Technovillage. We supplied 26 Lines Busduct variation of 1600 A to 4000 A, with GE (General Electric) BUSDUCT Spectra Series. We did the supply and installation of all the Busduct Run and done the successful commissioning and energize the plant. GE Spectra Series busduct is one of the Best Busduct design in the world. With first design more than 50 years ago, the GE Spectra series has been a legend in these product with many of competitors are the follower. The decision and selection by the Owner and the EPC is purely of the Quality, Reliability and detail calculation of Total Cost Onwnership. Data Center need a requirement of high quality product to maximize the realibility and stability and GE Spectra Series has been proven in these area application. With a lifetime of 50 years even more, GE Busduct Spectra Series has been unbreakable in these market. For more information please call us.